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Do Not Resuscitate will be available in audiobook format in 2021. Auditions for a narrator are ongoing on ACX.

Nicholas Ponticello's forthcoming novel, What If I Did?, is currently out on submission with literary agent Stephanie Rostan of LGR Literary Agency.


How can you love a boy when all you can think about is killing him?

Seventeen-year-old Joseph has been here before. The selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. The benzodiazepines. The hours of exposure and response prevention therapy. But his struggle with obsessive compulsive disorder has only gotten harder. He wrestles with harm OCD—concerns about pushing his mom into oncoming traffic, smothering his kid brother with a pillow, stabbing his grandmother with a kitchen knife. Now he’s joining an eight-week residential program set in a clinic just outside of Palm Springs, where he will be trapped with seven other boys—each with his own unique brand of OCD—isolated from everything he’s ever known.

The program’s director doesn’t pull any punches. She puts Joseph on a rigorous treatment plan on day one, and Joseph is pretty sure he’s not going to make it out of the program alive. Each day he must expose himself to the things he fears the most (knives, cars, physical contact) without completing the compulsions that give him a sense of safety and stability. And when Joseph becomes entangled in an unexpected romance with another boy in the program, he has to choose between saving himself or giving in to his greatest fears.

I am a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators. In July, I was awarded the Sue Alexander Grant for my work on What If I Did?, and in February, I was runner-up in the #KT250 contest, and the first 250 words of What If I Did? were published in SCBWI’s Kite Tales blog.

If you are an editor interested in aquiring this work, please contact Mrs. Rostan at LGR Literary.

Nicholas Ponticello's work-in-progress, Satan's Diary, was a finalist in the Book Pipeline Unpublished Contest in 2020.

Other Works-In-Progress:

Scepter & Gavel, Science Fiction
Cuckoo Cuckoo, Science Fiction
When the Ship Sinks, Middle Grade Fantasy
The Thirteen Worlds and the Palace at Delphine, Fantasy
The Thirteen Worlds and the Ladies of Iminton, Fantasy
Sinner X, Young Adult Science Fiction
Sick: A Memoir, Non-Fiction

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